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Picture Perfect Life [Nov. 9th, 2006|06:29 pm]
All the photos of either of my parents before I was born are in Black and White. As far as I can tell, there are no photos of my mother when she was pregnant with me, or either one of my sisters. There are no photos of my grandmothers pregnant either, for that matter and before that, well, there were no cameras, or at least they weren’t very common.

A friend of mine who has always been a little ahead of her time awoke one morning to discover that she was pregnant and decided that she would take picture of her pregnancy. There is this one film clip of her rubbing her swollen belly with some sort of oil while her soon-to-be-born daughter practices gymnastics. It’s a funny piece of film, but at the same time it’s striking in its implications; we can now be on film before our first birthday.

Not only is technology changing but the way we interact with that technology is changing also. Once upon a time photos were taken of birthdays and Christmas and no one owned a movie camera. Now we can take hundred of photos and delete the ones we do not want and keep those we do. We can store video on disks that will hold hundred and maybe thousands of feet of film, not that anyone uses feet of film anymore. What we choose to keep will define who are and to a degree, who we will be.

With all the implications, I think something that might happen is that we will become closer to the process of life itself. How will it feel to watch a film clip of a pregnant woman with life bouncing inside of her and think, “ Wow, that’s me!” I think that anyone who see that has to be a little awed by it. This is the first generation which will have that opportunity, to know what they were like, to see themselves alive like that.

Years from now, when Maci the Blog Baby has grown up and is looking to have kids of here own, she can pop a disk into a machine and see what it’s like, from both a mother to be, and looking at a mother to be who is carrying her. In a way us males cannot possibly ever understand, I suspect that she will feel comforted.

It is very likely that in the two decades plus before Maci becomes a mom, technology will shift again and she will look back at that video as something primitive and so terribly old fashioned. It will be like me looking at black and white.
But whatever device she uses to view her daughter-to-be the affect will be the same, I suspect. For no matter what species of technology is used, or how advanced it might be to see a life beginning will still cause anyone watching to be awed.

Take Care,